About us

Lonos Test was founded in 1980 by Mr. Vincenzo Lamura that had already gained considerable experience in the field of material testing machines by working for years as manager of an important material research centre in a big Italian steel company.

In a first period Lonos Test was a firm specialized in maintenance and retrofitting of testing machine; then Lonos Test has increased his activities and today it is involved with success in designing, manufacturing and selling of testing machines and laboratory equipment for detecting mechanical and physical properties of materials and able to meet most of the expectations of the market.

The service before and after sales is guaranteed by highly skilled personnel that is able to solve the most difficult problems with expertise.

Our sales service is always at disposal of our customer for advices, informations and for responding to requests of quotation.

Il ns. Service di Assistenza Tecnica formato da personale di grande esperienza opera in modo celere e puntuale. La varietà e la tipologia dei nostri attuali Clienti, che spazia da tutte le Università, grandi Centri di Ricerca, Laboratori Ufficiali 1086 e piccole, medie e grandi Aziende di produzione (di cui a richiesta possiamo rilasciare il relativo elenco), dimostra il grande dinamismo dell’Azienda e la qualità dei ns. prodotti.

Our technical support service consists in a highly experienced staff able to operate in a precise and quick way. The variety and the type of our customers, ranging from universities, research centers, official laboratories to small, medium and big manufacturing companies (on request we can release a list of our customers), shows the great dynamism of the company and the high quality of our products.

We thank our customers for the trust they gave us and we assure all our. future customers that we will do our best to deserve their trust.