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About Us

Lonos Test S.R.L.

About Us

Lonos Test, founded in 1980 by the initiative of a former director of the Material Testing Laboratory of a well-known Milanese company, is today active on the market of universal testing machines with a wide range of products and services designed to satisfy any need.

We design and produce machines and devices for mechanical and physical tests and measurements in compliance to the Italian and international rules and specifications for tests on each kind of materials available on the market.

We are a very important referring point in the field of the metal testing, thanks to the skill achieved and to the partnerships with some established foreigner firms (such as the Swiss Walter + Bai, whose we are sole agents for Italy).

Our range of products can match all kinds of applications, all strictly in compliance with the international rules.

Thanks to the pluriennial experience and skill we are able to help and solve our Customer’s problems related to the metallography (devices for the preparations of the metallographic samples, metallographic supplies, quantometers, ect.) to the dimensional measurements and non-distructive tests.

Lonos Test also operates in various sectors.

Second hand machines and devices

we evaluate and collect used testing machines and devices, we recover and requalify them as new and we resell them at advantageous prices.

Service and technical assistence

We have a service department who can supply tecnical assistence in case of breakdowns, for ordinary maintenance and , above all, we can make calibrations of each kind of measurement device and instrument (pressure, temperature, force, couple, torsion, end so on).

Retrofits and upgrades:

we can replace every kind of obsolete control system, from each kind of manufacturer, of testing machines with Harware and Software systems technologically forefront.

In brief Lonos Test is the best partner to match each kind of requirement, don’t esitate to contact us, your request will be welcome.