Lonos Test is calibration centre

Lonos Test is currently facing the required process to obtain the recognition of Accredia Calibration Centre for the following domains:

  • Force
  • Hardness
  • Resiliency
  • Extensometry

At the moment, verification of calibration of Testing Machines and / or Laboratory Equipment are carried out by highly specialized technicians by using devices of high-quality equipped with official certification ( ACCREDIA, Namas, DKD) in order to guarantee the traceability to the national samples.

We are able to execute Verification of Calibration of the following instruments:

  • Machines for the execution of tensile and compression tests.

  • Hardness Testing Machines

  • Impact Testing Machines

  • Extensometers

  • Devices for dimensional controls

  • Devices for temperature controls

  • Devices for pressure controls

  • Devices for rugosity controls

  • Other devices